Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Plus a week

Interesting enough, that single post was good enough for me to last a week. Since then I've had several incredible adventures. The first of which included my 21st birthday. My friends decided that meant a night at the bar, in which I drank far too much liquor, followed by far too much gatorade, and a complete lack of a hangover. Seriously folks, a hangover is mostly dehydration. Get some fluids in you and you're golden.

Next is that I completely bombed a test at school. Shouldn't be too much of a shock for me, I hate that class anyway. Intro to Programming can suck it.

Third, and one I'm still recovering from, is my plumbing. I've had issues with it in the past, just never this bad. A pipe under my house burst several hours before I actually had to use any water. And you know something? It's really hard to flush a toilet and wash your hands when the pipe carrying water to your bathroom snaps at a fitting.

So of course, I went to investigate. No water anywhere in the house, but when I got into the crawlspace under it, the plastic sheeting holding up the insulation under the house was bulging. Slicing into it and whoosh, water everywhere. So I shut off the water main, rigged a sort of plug out of a bolt, some tubing, and a couple of hose clamps. Now bear in mind it's wet, it's cold, and I'm pretty much ready for bed at this point.

So I turned the water back on, made sure the plug held, and went to go lock up the crawl space and there it was. The damn... thing... was standing just outside the door. Having had a very long day and being very tired, I didn't expect to see him. But I really should have. It made perfect sense for him to be there. There's no shame in admitting I was terrified. I fell, hit my head on a support beam and by the time I could see straight, he was gone.

So here I am, thankful for my roommate's still functional bathroom, getting ready for bed because now it's damn fucking late and I wanted to be asleep nearly two hours ago.

But before I go, I have another question. Why does it do this?

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Gotta start somewhere

If you're reading my blog, I'm going to assume you know the basics. I'm going to assume you know who it is, that you know it can't be stopped, and that you know we're both going to die because of it.

Now I'm also going to assume you don't know a few things, like who I am, or where I live for example.

Of course, all I'm willing to say about either of them is that you can call me Mr Stumblr. It's a fun name, I rather enjoy it. My friends picked up on it a while back and it's just sort of stuck with me. I'm from the southern half of Minnesota. I hate it here. It's too damn cold in the winter and too damn hot in the summer. But I wouldn't live anywhere else.

I've seen the very thing that's happening to me happen to so many other people. They start seeing it everywhere. They get compelled to document everything, either in words or on camera. And now I feel that gripping myself too. I hate that too. But it makes the pain go away. There's a sort of physical pain in my gut, it goes away when I write. That's the compulsion. Or at least, my compulsion.

And I've seen it too. Or maybe it's a him, it sorta looks like a him. But I prefer "it" better. You know exactly what it looks like. Just a bit too tall, so thin it looks unhealthy, and lacking a face. Unless you've seen it's face, then you'd know it's different depending on who sees it. The Slender Man.

Now that just leaves me with a few questions. Some I want answers to, some I could live my whole life without knowing.

I'll start with this one though. Does anyone else get the feeling of deja vu?